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Our Experience in Heat

HÔTA’s collaboration with Danish Heating Engineer, Frederik Andersen resulted in a mix of experience of the cold, damp Irish weather, coupled with an ability to cope with the Scandinavian climate. This collaboration has taught us there is more to heat than can be measured by a thermostat. Our robust, long lasting products deliver on all dimensions whether it is the highly efficient heat delivery, the perfect flame picture, product longevity or excellent design.

We are an Irish company based in Dublin, that’s why our service and back up is second to none.

We hand-pick our dealers not only for their intimate knowledge of fireplaces and stoves, but for their brilliant customer service too.


We choose only the finest materials to create a stunning centrepiece for your home; whether it’s a beautiful Turkish Limestone or a wonderful Malaysian marble – we insist on the best!


Our experienced craftsmen have been working with stone for many years. You will find their care and attention to detail in every piece we make.


We don’t cut any corners. Our products are built to last and we guarantee every product that we sell.

Warmth and Beauty

When you choose a HÔTA heating product, you make a choice for life. So you need to know that you’re making the right choice. We have worked with countless fireplaces in almost every type of home imaginable, so we can help you decide exactly what will work best in your home.

HÔTA delivers a range of products  that combine our vast experience with present technology and materials to deliver award winning products that complement the architectural qualities of modern living spaces.  All our hand-picked materials and resulting products are tested for durability, safety and efficiency. The emphasis of the HÔTA group of companies is on designing high quality products and backing them up with a similar quality of customer service and support.

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